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Are you wanting to turn your dreams into reality, but your lackluster brand is holding you back? You’ve come to the right place. Welcome to the beginning of a better brand…


Let us help you capture and offer your best work to the world around you.

Since 1995, Sinclair Loeffler has helped people of influence imagine, deliver and achieve what matters most to them. By integrating executive coaching, strategic branding, and visual design, the result is more than a brand. We are building a brand system that becomes the foundation for your best work ever. With our process you will achieve bigger dreams and better brands than ever before.



Branding begins with discovering your belief system. We partner and guide you through the process of discovering your vision, values, differentiation and creation story, the cornerstone elements of your brand belief system.


We research your demographic audience, build your ideal customer persona, write and edit strategic messaging that is actionable, sustainable and compelling. We craft your unique Brand Identity—merging beliefs, story, message, logo, typography, pattern, color, and image.


We believe purposeful design can elevate good ideas into beloved brands. Your brand identity is translated into a beautifully responsive, compelling, action-oriented, and easy to navigate website. Our custom development and copywriting round out your complete Brand System Design!


“If you’re ready to build a better dream, we’re here to help you make it happen.”

Christine Loeffler is the principal designer and owner of Sinclair Loeffler, a brand system design consultancy.

Brand System Design, their signature process, evolved from Christine’s extensive experience in executive coaching, strategic planning, brand identity, graphic and web design. She has grown her business by collaborating with entrepreneurs and influencers to create a robust portfolio of diverse, inspiring design outcomes, each reflecting her client’s core values, preferences and personality.

Core Strengths: Strategic, Creative, always learning.

Her passion for painting has evolved into a love of abstract art which now hangs in residential and commercial spaces in North Carolina. “We’ve just begun applying our Brand System Design process to our work in custom home interior design and selections, and it’s amazing how it translates so beautifully to this sector of the design world”.

She attributes her innate ability to capture the inherent gifts and talents in her clients to her love for personal development, entertaining, art, and home.

And when she isn’t plugging away on a project, you can find Christine visiting family throughout the Carolinas, entertaining at home with friends, tossing well-chewed balls with Picasso and Bella, and playing puzzle games with the kiddos.